Terms of Service

Article 1 (Purpose)
These terms and conditions are related to the gas detector application service provided by nodetalks, the rights, obligations and responsibilities between the company and members, and other necessary matters.

Article 2 (Definition of Terms)
① The terms used in these terms and conditions are defined below.

1. "Service" refers to the gas detector application and all services related to the gas detector application provided by the "company", with the purpose of providing various types of applications that can be used through various wired and wireless devices (such as PCs and portable terminals) information.

2. "Members" refer to customers who access the "services" of the "company" and sign contracts with the "company" in accordance with these terms and conditions and use the "services" provided by the "company".

3. "Member ID" refers to the e-mail address entered or registered by the "member" to identify the "member" and use the "service" of the "member".

4. "Password" refers to the letter or combination of letters and numbers selected by the person who intends to use the "service" of the "company" and the person who has been granted the "member ID", and to protect the rights of the "member".

② The definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions, except for the terms specified in item 1, comply with relevant laws and regulations. But the unspecified terms follow general business practices.

Article 3 (Provisions and Modifications of Terms and Conditions)
① "Company" will publish the content of these terms, company name, company location, representative name, company registration number and office information on the initial screen of "Service" so that "Members" can know or notify "Members" by other means.

② "Company" can modify these terms and conditions within the scope of not violating relevant laws, such as the "Terms and Conditions Management Law", "Basic Telecommunications Law", "Telecom Business Law" and "Information and Communication Network Utilization Promotion and Information Protection Promotion law".

③ When the "Company" revises the terms and conditions, it shall specify and announce the execution date and reason for the revision and the current terms and conditions from 7 days before the effective date of the revised clause to the day of the effective date. However, if the change has a significant impact on the rights and obligations of the "member", a notice will be issued 30 days before the effective date.

④ "Members" have the right to refuse to change the terms and conditions. "Members" can express their intention to refuse within 15 days from the date of announcing the revised terms and conditions. If the "member" refuses, the "service" provider "company" can terminate the contract with the "member" with prior notice to the "member" for a fixed period of 15 days. If the "member" does not indicate its intention to refuse or use the "service" after the effective date of the previous regulation, it is deemed to have agreed to the revised terms and conditions.

Article 4 (Interpretation of Terms and Conditions)
① When the "member" and the "company" sign a personal contract and use the "service", the "company" may have terms of use or operating policies (hereinafter referred to as "operating policies, etc."). If there is a conflict with the terms and conditions, the individual services The operating policy shall prevail.

② For matters not specified in these terms and conditions, relevant laws and regulations shall be complied with, such as the "Terms and Conditions Management Law", the "Basic Telecommunications Law", the "Telecommunication Business Law" and the "Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection Promotion Law" 》

Article 5 (Establishment of Use Contract)
① The contract between the "company" and the "member" to use the "service" (hereinafter referred to as the "use contract") refers to the person who wants to use the "service" (hereinafter referred to as the "applicant for joining") to apply for membership after agreeing to the content Eligibility can be concluded, and the "company" agrees to use it.

② In principle, the "company" approves the use of the service for the "applicant" application. However, the "Company" may refuse to accept any of the following applications, or terminate the "Use Agreement" subsequently.

1. If the "join applicant" has previously lost membership under these terms and conditions

2. Use the name of another person or non-real name to join the application

3. Entered false information, or did not enter the content proposed by the "company"

4. Children under the age of 14 have not obtained the consent of their legal representative when entering personal information as stipulated in the Law on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection.

5. If it cannot be approved due to reasons caused by the "applicant to join", or other reasons why the "company" cannot provide "services"

③ If there is no space for facilities related to the "service", or there are technical or business problems, the "company" can retain the approval.

④ If the "Company" refuses or reserves to accept the subscription application or terminates the "Usage Agreement" in accordance with No. 2, 3, 5 or 3 of Item 2 of this Article, the "Company" shall in principle notify this fact to " applicant".

⑤ When the "company" marks the completion of the application in the application process, the "use contract" is established.

⑥ According to company policy, "Company" classifies "Members" by level, and can be used separately by subdividing usage time, usage times and available service functions.

Article 6 (Providing User Information)
① Users who want to use the "service" by registering as a "member" must provide information such as e-mail, mobile phone number, and identity verification via mobile phone or e-mail.

② If the user does not pass the identity verification specified in item 1, the use of the "service" may be restricted, and users or "members" who have not registered with their real names cannot claim any rights to this "service".

③ The "member ID" of the "member" applied for by stealing the name of another person will be deleted, and the "member" may be punished in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Article 7 (Protection and Management of Personal Information)
① According to relevant laws and regulations, the "Company" is committed to protecting personal information, including account information. Regarding the protection and use of "members" personal information, follow the personal information processing policies separately notified by the "company". However, the "Company" privacy policy does not apply to official service applications and websites other than those provided by the "Company".

② The "Company" is not responsible for any information (including the account information of the "Member") revealed due to the reasons of the "Member".

Article 8 (Member ID and Password)
① "Member" uses the email address selected by "Member" as "Member ID" in order to use the "Service" smoothly and protect the information of "Member" and information about service use. However, if the content of "Member ID" is anti-social, endangering public morals, or may be mistaken for an operator, the "company" may refuse or restrict the use of ID.

② This "company" performs all "member" management tasks through account information. For example, whether "members" can use "services", etc.

③ "Members" must manage their account information under the care and responsibility of a good manager. "Members" are responsible for any losses caused by violation of this regulation.

④ "Members" can freely set a "password" within the scope of meeting the "company" setting standards, and can change the set "password" anytime the "member" wants.

⑤ "Members" are responsible for protecting and managing "passwords". However, for security reasons, the "Company" may recommend changing the "Password" to "Member" on a regular or irregular basis.

Article 9 (Notice to Members)
① If the "Company" informs the "Member", it can be done through the email designated by the "Member", the notification message in the "Service" or an electronic post, unless otherwise specified in these terms and conditions.

② In the case of notifying the entire "member", the "company" can replace the notification in item 1 by posting it on the "company" homepage or application service bulletin board for more than 7 days.

Article 10 (Company’s Obligations)
① The "Company" does not engage in any behavior prohibited by these terms and conditions and relevant laws, and violates public morals, and is committed to providing continuous and stable "services."

② The "company" must have a security system for the protection of all personal information, so that the "member" can use the "service" safely, and disclose and comply with the privacy policy.

③ If it is objectively believed that the opinions or complaints made by the "members" are legitimate, the "company" must deal with them promptly within a reasonable time limit. However, if the processing time is long, the "member" will be notified of the delay through the bulletin board or email, and the processing process and results will be delivered.

④ The "Company" is committed to providing convenience to "Members" in terms of the procedures and content of signing contracts with "Members", such as signing "Using Contracts", changing and terminating contract details, etc.

Article 11 (Member’s Obligations)
① "Members" shall not use the "services" provided by the "Company" for purposes other than the original purpose, nor shall they perform any of the following acts.

1. When registering personal information with the "company" to add application or change information, use information other than your real name or other people's information, or enter false information

2. The act of copying, distributing, promoting or using the information obtained by using the "service" and the application provided by the "company" without the prior consent of the "company" or by using known or unknown errors

3. The act of generating profits for oneself or others through the use of "services" and "company" applications provided

4. Acts that defame the "company" and third parties or interfere with business, or harm the company and third parties

5. Infringe on the intellectual property rights, portrait rights and other rights of the "company" or a third party, or collect, store, distribute and release the personal information of other "members" without going through the "service" of the "company"

6. Relevant laws prohibit the transmission or release of information or computer software and hardware. A software virus designed to destroy or disrupt the normal operation of communication equipment. Transmit, publish, distribute or use other computer code, files or other materials containing programs.

7. Change the application without obtaining the special rights of the "company" or add or insert other programs in the application, or crack the server, perform reverse engineering, leak and change the source code or application data, or build a separate server. The act of impersonating the "company" by arbitrarily changing or stealing part of the website

8. Use the "service" for profit, sales, advertising, political activities, illegal election activities, etc. without the consent of the "company"

9. Other acts that violate public order and customs, illegal or unfair acts, and acts that violate the law

② "Members" are obliged to check and abide by the notices on the "Company" website and amendments to the terms of use, and shall not engage in any other activities that interfere with the "Company" business.

③ "Member" is responsible for managing the account of "Member" and should not be used by third parties.

④ The "Company" can determine the specific types of actions specified in items 1 and 2 of the operating policy and any of the following sub-clauses, and members are obliged to comply with these actions.

1. Restrictions on the "Member ID" and "Password" of "Members"

2. Restrictions on registration of "business card information" for individuals and others

3. Restrictions on the use of bulletin boards, etc.

4. Other matters deemed necessary for the operation of the “company” within the scope of not infringing the “member”’s basic right to use the “service”

Article 12 (Service Provision Time and Suspension)
① "Company" starts "service" from the day when "Member" approves member registration. However, for certain services, services can be provided from a specified date according to the needs of the "company".

② Unless there are special problems in business or technology, the "company" provides "services" 24 hours a day, all year round. However, if operations such as regular system inspections of information and communication facilities, server expansion and replacement, various bug fixes, and replacement of new services are required, the "service" may be temporarily suspended for a period of time.

③ Under the circumstances specified in item 2, the "company" will notify the content and time in the website or application. However, if there is an unavoidable reason that the "company" cannot notify in advance, it can notify afterwards.

④ The "Company" may conduct regular inspections when necessary to provide "services", and the timing of regular inspections is as disclosed on the "service" provision screen.

⑤ If the "company" is unable to provide the "paid service" requested by the "member" due to business project conversion, business interruption, etc., the "company" shall use the method specified in Article 9 (Notice to Members). Notify "Members" and compensate "Members" according to the conditions originally proposed by the "Company".

Article 13 (Service Content and Changes)
① "Members" can use "services" provided by "company" in accordance with the rules set by "company" (such as these terms and conditions and operating policies).

② Regarding the "services" provided by the "Company" to the "Members", the "Company" has full rights in terms of production, change, maintenance and repair.

③ If the operation or technical requirements of the "service", such as new service content, various bug fixes, etc., the "company" can change, add or abolish all or part of the "service" at any time. 7 days or more before the change, the content of the changed content and the date of provision, etc., will be displayed on the website operated by the "Company" and the initial screen of the service, instead of the notification to the "Member". However, if the service is interrupted due to reasons beyond the control of the "Company" and cannot be notified in advance, this shall not be done.

④ The "Company" can modify, suspend or change part or all of the "Services" for free according to the needs of the "Company", such as the "Company"'s policy planning or operation, or the "Company"'s emergency situation. On the other hand, unless the relevant laws and regulations provide otherwise, we will not provide individual compensation to "members".

⑤ In the following circumstances, the "Company" may restrict or suspend all or part of the "Service".

1. In case of force majeure, such as war, civil strife, natural disaster or national emergency

2. If there is a problem with the normal use of the "service" due to power outages, failure of all facilities or crowded use

3. Inevitable due to construction such as maintenance of "service" facilities

4. Other situations where the "service" cannot be provided due to various circumstances of the "company"

⑥ Except that "Company" means that the reason for changing or discontinuing the "Service" is due to the intentional or gross negligence of the "Company", we are not responsible for any problems caused by the change or suspension of the "Service"

Article 14 (Providing Information and Advertisement)
① The "Company" can post various information necessary for the "Service" on the "Member" using the "Company"'s homepage or application notifications, or provide it to the "Member" via email. However, "Members" can express their refusal at any time in accordance with relevant laws to use e-mail and other methods to transmit information that does not include transaction-related information and customer center responses.

② In order to maintain the "service", the "company" can place advertisements in the space exposed when using the "service" or in the media operated by other advertising companies, and the "member" agrees to publish the advertisement.

③ The "Company" is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by the "Member" participating in the second advertisement. The advertisement is provided by the "Company", which is the subject of a third party for communication or conduct transaction.

④ If the "company" uses legally collected personal information of the "member" to provide advertisements in item 2, it can use SMS (LMS), smartphone notifications (push notifications), email addresses, etc. to send it. If you don't want to do this, you can choose to decline at any time.

⑤ Regarding the provision of the above-mentioned information and advertisements, the "Company" shall abide by the terms and conditions of the platform business operators and application store business operators that provide the information to the "Company", and comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Article 15 (Copyright of Alert List)
① The copyright of the post published by the "member" in the "service" belongs to the author of the post.

② Despite the provisions of item 1, the "company" can disclose the content published by the "member" in the "service" in search results, services and related promotions, and can make partial changes, repeat or edit you within the necessary scope Can be released. In this case, the "Company" complies with the provisions of the Copyright Law, and the "Members" can delete posts, exclude search results or hide posts at any time through the management function in the customer center or the "Services".

③ If the "member" wants to use the "member" posts in a way other than item 2, the "company" must obtain the "member"'s consent in advance via telephone, fax, email, etc.

Article 16 (Management of Alarm List)
① If a "member" post contains content that violates relevant laws (such as the "Information and Communication Network Use Promotion and Information Protection Promotion Act" or "Copyright Law"), the right holder of the post will comply with relevant laws and regulations The program stops publishing or deletes the post. It can be provided on request, and the "Company" and "Members" must take measures in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

② Even if there is no request made by the right holder according to item 1, if there is reason to infringe on the rights recognized on a specific post, or violate other "company" policies and related laws and regulations, the relevant position is temporarily available for action .

Article 17 (Ownership of Rights)
① The copyright and other intellectual property rights of the content generated by the "company" in the "service" and the "service" belong to the "company". However, it does not include "member" posts and works provided under partnership agreements.

② The "company" only grants the right to use the account (ID), and releases information related to the "service" to the "member" in accordance with the terms of use set by the "company", and the "member" transfers, sells, and provides security. Similar disposal methods.

Article 18 (Resolution of Membership Contract, etc.)
① "Members" can apply for cancellation of "Services" through the "Settings" menu at any time, and the "Company" must be processed immediately in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

② If a "member" of a "paid service" cancels the service, the voucher in use will be terminated immediately and no refund will be made.

③ When the "Member" terminates this use contract, all personal information of the "Member" will take effect immediately after termination, unless the "Company" holds member information in accordance with relevant laws and the company's privacy policy. The data is corrupted. However, the alert list of "Members" will not disappear.

Article 19 (Restrictions on Use, etc.)
① If the "member" violates the obligations of these terms and conditions or interferes with the normal operation of the "service", the "company" may gradually limit the use of the "service" to warnings, suspend and terminate the contract.

② Despite the provisions of paragraph 1, "company" is still illegal communication in violation of the "Information and Communication Network Use and Information Protection Act." If relevant laws are violated, such as hacking, distribution of malicious programs, and excessive access rights, the contract can be terminated immediately. Therefore, after the termination of the contract, all the benefits obtained through the use of the "service" will be invalid, and the "company" will not compensate for this.

③ If the "company" restricts the "member" from using the "service" or terminates the contract in accordance with Item 1, the restriction conditions and details shall be determined in accordance with the use restriction policy, and the "company" notification method shall be defined in Article 9.

④ A "member" can file an objection to the "company"'s usage restrictions, etc. according to the procedures established by the "company". If the "Member"'s grounds for objection are justified, the "Company" must immediately resume using the "Member"'s "Services".

Article 20 (Limitation of Liability)
① If the "company" is unable to provide "services" due to natural disasters or force majeure, it is exempted from the responsibility of providing "services".

② The "Company" shall not be liable for the damage to the "Member" caused by the interruption of the "Service" or use obstacles caused by the "Member" and the suspension or failure of communication services. Exemption from liability.

③ The "Company" is not responsible for the reliability and accuracy of the information, data, facts, etc. related to the "Service" released by the "Member".

④ In the case of transactions between "members" or between "members" and third parties through "services", the "company" is exempt from liability.

⑤ Unless there are special regulations in relevant laws, the "Company" shall not bear any responsibility for the free use of the "Service".

Article 21 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)
① The lawsuit filed between the "company" and the "member" is governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea.

② If there is a dispute between the "Company" and the "Member", the court having jurisdiction over the address of the "Company" shall be the exclusive competent court of the first instance.

Article 22 (Company phone number)
The company name and address are as follows.

Company:nodetalks Co.,Ltd.

CEO : Moon kyung sik

주소 : 포항시 남구 지곡로 80 포스텍 c5, 623호

Tell : 02-279-4477

E-Mail : office@nodetalks.co.kr

Supplementary Provisions
Article 1 (Effective Date) These terms and conditions will be effective from September 9, 2019.

Announcement date : 2019. 8. 10.

Implementation date : 2019. 9. 9.